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Particle Size Reduction Mills

Particle Size Reduction Mills

Particle Size Reduction Mills & Particle Size Reduction Equipment


CMS Sets the Stage for a Worry-Free, Reliable and Profitable Experience


Now available, a premium product and proprietary process for micronizing materials, utilizing their particle size reduction mills and exceptional particle size reduction equipment.


CMS grinding service achieves a consistently narrow particle size not typically attained by conventional processing service operations, thanks to the state-of-the-art particle size reduction equipment that we possess.


CMS’s grinding service is a cost-effective option for facility owners who lack the capital, expertise, or manpower to install, operate and maintain their own particle size reduction mills and other systems.


Using their proprietary micronization processing, CMS is able to tackle short-runs or high-volume contracts as needed. Whether your need is short or long-term commercial capacity, CMS is a reliable process partner who is dedicated to improving your overall capabilities and bolstering your bottom line with its particle size reduction mills and particle size reduction equipment.


Have a High Volume Contract? CMS will open a facility near you. Call to discuss next steps.


You Owe It to Yourself - Benefit from the CMS Difference:


  • Aligned and partnered with respected Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the United States
  • Have a significant focus on sorbent materials in the emerging environmental sector, particularly in the Flue-Gas Desulfurization industry
  • Industrial minerals, powder coatings, pharmaceuticals, agricultural feedstocks and carbon products
  • You can expect energetic, personalized service – at all times – when you bring your high volume grinding service contracts or small batch processing to CMS
  • Here’s where extensive processing and engineering expertise and a passion for providing cost-effective, efficient contract processing is the day to day reality
  • An uncompromising, unwavering focus on quality assurance evident in every project and the best particle size reduction equipment and particle size reduction mills.
  • A low-cost alternative for managing seasonal or peak capacity constraints
  • The service division processes a wide range of materials on a cost per ton basis
  • CMS – A Leader in the Specialized, Emerging Flue Gas Desulfurization Market
  • CMS’s newest division is devoted to the housing, stockpiling and processing of materials being used in the FGD sector for injection in coal-fired power plants on a cost-per-ton basis
  • The division has devoted significant R&D time to tailoring and perfecting the material being used for SO2 and SO3 mitigation; providing the highest quality product in the industry
  • New freight-logical facilities to meet the growing market demand


Have a High Volume Contract? CMS will open a facility near you. Call to discuss next steps


Materials Currently Processed – but not limited to – Include:


  • trona
  • sodium bicarbonate
  • activated carbon
  • calcium carbonate
  • graphite
  • powder paint
  • gypsum


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