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Size Reduction Equipment 101: Its Uses and Benefits

The equipment used in particle size reduction plays a very crucial role in the process of manufacturing. There are many manufacturing industries that heavily rely on particle size reduction in order to reduce particles to a specific size and shape. For instance, the food industry depends on this process because it needs to produce specific particle measurements for various purposes. Also, the pharmaceutical industry utilizes size reduction equipment in order to increase their medical inventory.


Therefore, size reduction equipment is important because it benefits many different industries.


Size reduction equipment uses various types of force applications to reduce particle sizes, these include: compression, attrition, cutting and impact. Each force application is used for reducing different sized particles. Our experts at Classifier Milling Systems identify the appropriate size reduction equipment for each task. For instance, crushers are used to reduce the size of large materials, such as stones and bricks. Grinders and ultrafine grinders are used to grind particles (that do not exceed the size of 6mm) into fine powder.  The cutting machines consist of tools such as knife cutters and slitters.


 Size reduction improves the quality of the material being reduced in size.  Our experts at Classifier Milling System are aware that finely milled particles are sensitive to temperature changes and compression. As a result, our specialists are thorough and precise when it comes to designing quality and durable size reduction equipment. Therefore, size reduction equipment found at Classifier Milling Systems makes sure that your product produces the appropriate sized particles for various purposes. Extremely fine particles are difficult to deal with and our team at Classifier Milling Systems possesses a vast knowledge in the field of size reduction. They know how make sure that your size reduction equipment is a long lasting and reliable product. Our team is always ready to meet and exceed your expectations by addressing all of your inquiries and concerns. Contact us today for more information about our efficient size reduction equipment. 

Size reduction equipment is important!
Posted by: Ann | October 5, 2017, 3:00 pm
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