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Sweeping Away the Competition


Some companies are known for their 24-hour customer service and technical support. Others have clients who seek them out for on-site consultation or contract processing services. There are companies who solely focus on the specific grind-ability of materials, and the machinery to achieve this. One company that can do all of this? CMS Classifier Milling Systems.

Here at CMS, we know that in order to provide our customers with the most comprehensive solutions, we need to offer the highest quality products and services in our field. That’s why our company is multi-faceted, including services and products such as nationwide 24-hour/365-day technical support, international on-site field services, replacement parts, custom manufacturing, contract grinding, and high efficiency milling systems.

Our specialty, of course, lies in size reduction. Our very own Air Swept Classifier Milling Systems, the real core of our entire company and philosophy, is available to our customers for the grinding and recovery of fine powders. In fact, materials can be produced as small as 10 microns or less.  The Air Swept Classifier Mill is the core technology behind many of our products, and helps to define CMS as a company. We strive to supply our customers with a means of recovering and processing fine powders, sorbent materials, pharmaceuticals, grain, minerals, petrochemicals, and refractory materials. This highly efficient system works by continuously air sweeping materials in front of a hammer at right angles, allowing for narrow particle size distribution and low grinding temperature. If there is anything we have learned in our 30-year history, it is how to efficiently and effectively optimize size reduction in a vast array of materials, reaching higher capacities than conventional systems. Trust us on this.

Looking for more information? Visit us online at, and be sure to check back here for monthly updates and industry news.