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CMS — Your Reliable Process Partner

CMS — Your Reliable Process Partner

Are you interested in taking advantage of the performance of our Air Swept Classifying system but don’t have room in your facility or enough capacity to justify the expense of purchasing one? Are you having a production spike and in need of additional throughput? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then our toll grinding and contract processing services are the perfect solution.

What’s involved? It’s simple! Bag up your raw material and ship it to either of our two facilities. We operate one in Pennsylvania, and have recently cut the ribbon on a new processing plant in Canada to meet growing market demand.  Both are strategically located in freight-logical locations in order to keep shipping costs low.

What kind of materials do we process? Any dry powder. We’ve processed materials like trona, sodium bicarbonate, activated carbon, powder paint, gypsum, and that’s just the short list.  How do we operate? Working in lot sizes from 2-5 tons, we utilize our own Air Swept Classifying Systems, which feature low temperature micronization technology that keeps powders cool and material integrity intact, to custom grind your material down to evenly distributed particle sizes as small as 10 microns – whatever your specifications call for. After being ground and re-packaged, the material will be ready for pick-up by your freight moving provider, or we can arrange shipment for you.

So whether you have short-term needs or require ongoing commercial capacity, CMS can be your reliable process partner. We are dedicated to improving your overall capabilities – and bolstering your bottom line. Our services are a cost-effective option meeting material specifications without absorbing significant added capital or operating costs. Want to learn more? Visit our website, or give us a call!