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The powder grinding mill is a special type of grinder that is used to grind large fragments into very fine pieces. The output material may have a grain size diameter of up to 1 micron depending on the type of mill used. There are numerous factors to consider when using the powder mill. Some of them are discussed in the rest of the article.

A powder grinding mill may either perform dry grinding or wet grinding. Dry grinding involves extremely dry raw materials and applies physical crashing or abrasion for grinding. Wet grinding on the other hand involves the use of chemicals for exceptionally fine grinding. Therefore, it is important for one to consider the moisture content and other chemical properties of the raw material before choosing the most appropriate method of grinding to use. For instance, dry grinding requires one to ensure that a moisture content of below 2% is observed before commencing the grinding process. Various drying methods may be used to ensure that this moisture content is achieved. A low moisture content makes it easier for the pieces to break as they collide against the hammers or against themselves.

Various negative effects may be observed when using the powder grinding mill. These include accumulation of static charges and agglomeration of particles during the grinding process. In case one is dealing with materials that are vulnerable to the mentioned effects, then they may have to consider using additives to reduce such occurrences. The grain size of the raw material is also an important consideration when working with powder grinders. One should ensure that the grain size is within the range stipulated by the machine manufacturer. Large solids may easily choke the grinders especially when starting the machine while small materials may clog the machine if proper screening is not done. With these few considerations, one is assured of having an easy time when dealing with a powder grinder.

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