Serving the Chemical Industry

A wealth of technical knowledge, years of experience, and a comprehensive grasp of chemicals production make CMS a premier choice for particle size-reduction milling and air quality control systems.

As an experienced designer and manufacturer of industrial milling equipment, CMS offers advantages such as:

  • Performance guarantees!
  • Product consistency (narrow repeatable particle size distribution curves)
  • High volume throughputs
  • Systems durability
  • Contract Processing (Tolling)

Classifier Milling Systems: Industrial Chemicals

CMS designs, engineers, and manufactures a complete line of impact/attrition grinding mill systems for dry powder particle size-reduction of industrial chemicals.  Also, our CMS Marietta Division has the infrastructure for managing your outsourced production needs (seasonal or peak swings, one-offs, and long-term) from our Ohio River-based contract materials (tolling) operations. This base of services, from crushing/screening to ultra-fine grinding, is complete with transportation and warehousing to manage the high-volume processing requirements of industrial chemicals.

Additional Services

CMS provides several auxiliary services, such as:

  • Comprehensive laboratory testing (materials formulations)
  • Toll grinding – White Label, Outsourcing (swing, one-off, and long term production)
  • Logistics, Warehousing, and Packaging

Our services are designed and provided by our experienced team of engineers, technicians, process operators, and field service teams.

Design, Engineer, Install & Service

Classifier Milling Systems has designed, engineered, installed, and services milling systems and process technologies within the chemical sector, including currently active systems with several Fortune 500 companies. We are particle size-reduction specialists with a long list of accomplishments.

End Uses

Our milling systems are essential midstream production infrastructure integral to further downstream manufacturing of numerous industrial chemicals, such as some of the following mentioned representative materials:

  • Paints
  • Petrochemicals
  • Rubber
  • Pigments
  • Resins
  • Injection sorbents (limestone, sodium-bicarbonate, trona)

CMS Milling systems span 5 to 600 horsepower, which meets most high-volume materials throughput demands typical of the industrial chemical sector.

What Sets CMS Apart?

At Classifier Milling Systems, we provide practical solutions timely, and we do it cost-effectively. For example:

  • We offer unbeatable performance when it comes to production throughput achieving narrow particle size distribution curves (to 10 μm or less).
  • Our systems are rugged, built for durability, therefore have long commercial lives.
  • Industry users of CMS Mills have significantly reduced the unit costs of their end-products.
  • We carry substantial inventories for mill components, assemblies, and wear parts.
  • We offer customized manufacturing by design engineering specialists.
  • CMS provides performance guarantees!

CMS customers include market leaders in diverse industries globally (including Fortune 500 companies) in sectors such as chemical/ industrial chemicals, powder coatings, minerals/metals, industrial materials, pharma, agricultural and food products, environmental materials, and air quality controls.