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Get Swept Away by our Classifying Processes


Are you in the chemical or pharmaceutical industries? Is powder processing a main responsibility of your daily job activities? If so, then grinding and classifying processes, in order to reduce powder sizes, must be important methods for you.

The grinding and classifying of powders allows for these powders and chemicals to be reduced in size and crushed into fine particles for further applications. Here at Classifier Milling Systems, we have the capabilities to either provide you with the right systems for powder processing, or we can perform these methods for you, utilizing our Air Swept Classifier System. Let us take you through our grinding process.

First off, our processing works best on dry materials. Wet materials don’t allow for proper grinding and reduction, and they also weigh more, which means they end up costing more to process. How do you know if you need our services? If you need materials ground to 5 or 10 microns. Bring in coarse materials, and we will run them continuously through our systems – at various speeds – until the target size has been met. At this point, the fine samples are tested and if they meet our approval, they are then sent back to the client. What makes our system and technique so unique? Aside from the fact that we utilize low grinding temperatures, which in effect keep the air cooled so that the powders remain cool, our custom designed systems allow for extreme finesse to accommodate customer specifications. Additionally, the systems are energy efficient, easy to operate, and don’t require much maintenance – what more could you ask for?