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Spice Grinding Mill - Important Facts

Most spices occur in powder form while a few are manufactured in liquid form. The main reason for manufacturing spices in powder form is to increase their surface area for better solubility in delicacies. A spice grinding mill is used to grind the spices from their raw form into powder form. There are numerous types of grinders that are used for grinding spices. Some are small in size and are only meant for domestic use. Others are relatively large in size and may be used to produce spices on large scale. However, they cannot be used in heavy industrial applications. The industrial types are specially meant for mass production and can be used in industries dealing with the manufacture of spices. However, types of spice grinding mill  are not suitable for small scale production since they consume lots of power and may end up being uneconomical.

Different styles of the spice grinding mill have different designs of grinding systems meant to crush specific types of spices. Some are meant for grinding spices that contain fiber while others are meant for grinding grained spices. Therefore, it is quite important for one to ensure that they have proper understanding of the capabilities of a grinder before purchasing it. The design of grinding mechanisms also depends on the type of grinding applied. There are two main methods of grinding used by virtually all types of spice grinders. These are dry and wet grinding. Dry grinding involves raw grinding through abrasion while wet grinding relies on chemicals and attrition. Dry grinding is only applicable for raw materials that have a moisture content of less than 2%. Wet grinding on the other hand is applicable for medium sized grains and can be used whenever one wishes to achieve a grain size of less than 10 microns. The spice grinding mill can either be powered by electricity or diesel depending on the availability of resources and power specifications of the machine.


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