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The Evolution of Spice Grinding Mills

The spice trade was a catalyst in many historical events, discoveries, wars and inventions. Today, growth of the trade is on a continual rise due to health-conscious eating habits, awareness of its medicinal values, more sophisticated consumers and most importantly the rise in the amount of processed foods that use spices as inputs. It is in this light that many spice grinding mill manufacturers offer their most needed equipments to the broad and ever increasing demanding market. The greatest advantage is that the grinding mill manufacturers have been put to task to ensure that they keep up with the demand and upgrade their know-how to provide their vast number of customers with machines that meet their particular needs. At this global market only committed manufacturers are devoted exclusively to researching and studying all aspects of spices in order to come up with the exact mills required for specified needs.

From manually to electrically operated and some using hammer technology and others air or pressure technology. The market provides wet and dry attritors and small media mills. When shopping for a spice grinding mill the basic features to consider should be a machine that is easy to maintain and operate, a mill that grinds and classifies products, one with adjustable particle size parts without requiring shutdown, highly energy efficient, accurate precision of the mechanical components to an the degree of fitness so that grinding can be repeated accurately and above all customized to meet your maximum expectation. In addition specific and very important features to include are powder recovery efficiency thus the machine should be completely enclosed ensuring minimum or no product loss and should have a cooling mechanism during milling process to ensure the spice properties are well preserved. Most companies have a variety of models of spice grinding mills though in essence differ in capacities.

I've always wondered how spices are ground so finely.
Posted by: Jenilee | October 4, 2016, 2:24 pm
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