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The Fine Grind Process

A fine grind is described as the removal of materials from two different component surface by using a super finish processing technique. The process can also be done from a single surface, but this depends on the type of application you are using. Fine grinding aims to get accurate geometric and surface finishes.


At Classifier Milling Systems, we deliver the best milling and grinding machines that produce a fine grind!


Material Removal Process


In a mechanical production, the process of getting a fine grind is typically the last step. Fine grinding is important because it helps correct and enhance the geometry of the components. Using grinding wheels that are extremely abrasive, the removal process is complete. The wheels produce friction due to its abrasive grains, like cubic boron nitride or diamond components. They have the capability to remove excess materials with precise accuracy.


Machines Used in Fine Grinding


  • Pin Mill: This grinding mill is the preferred option in the pharmaceutical industry because of its capabilities to produce small particle sizes. Pin mills are ideal for grinding homogenous materials because it outputs uniform products by design.
  • Hammer Mill: Unlike the pin mill, particle size cannot be adjusted in a hammer mill. However, a hammer mill is great for in the food industry for manufacturing sugar, herbs, spices, flours, and more!
  • Air Swept Classifier Mill: Perfect for creating a dust-free environment with almost no product loss. In addition, an air swept classifier mill is great for its reliability over time.


Applications that Need Fine Grinding Machines


  • Mineral Processing
  • Food Processing
  • Powder Stream Homogenizing


Meeting the needs of fine grind are met when you use the right size and shape of grinding machines. The aforementioned machines are capable of working on the toughest applications for reducing the size of the particles. The features on each machine are adjustable, making it is to get your desired results!


At Classifier Milling Systems, we have a wide variety of products that are designed to give you the fine grind that suits your unique needs. We are a dedicated team with expert knowledge in fine grinding machines and can guarantee exceptional service every time.

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