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The Know-how of the Spice Grinding Mill

The fine spice grinding mill is specially designed for the fine grinding of various spices. A perfect design of a pneumatic conveying system ensures a dust free and cool operation which helps the spices retain vital properties like color, taste, aroma, flavour, and oil content.

A spice grinding mill can handle various spices like chili peppers, turmeric, coriander, mixed spices (for curry powder), dehydrated onions, garlic, ginger, and black pepper. It also grinds foodstuff & various Ayurveda herbs and roots. To maintain the spice’s properties at their optimum level, a two stage-grinding operation is recommended:

  • First stage coarse grinding with a 3 to 5mm screen
  • second stage line grinding through a 0.5/0.8 mm screen.

Either the operations can be done in the same machine by changing the screen or two separate machines can be used for coarse and fine grinding simultaneously.


What is the working principle of the spice grinding mill?

The machine chamber consists of swinging hammers, side liners & top liners. As the material is fed into the machine through the feeding hopper, it gets pulverized between the liners and swinging hammers, which revolve at a very high speed. The perforated screen fitted in the lower part of the chamber regulates the fineness of the pulverized material depending upon its hole diameter. Once the material passes through the screen, it is sucked by a blower unit mounted by the side of grinding mill, which passes through the pipe, cyclone collector and finally is discharged through the two-way discharge valve.

The air along with the very fine powder will go into the dust collector, where the material will be trapped into the filter bags and the air will be let out. The attachment of the dust collector ensures dust free operation. The free circulation of air into the grinding mill keeps the chamber cool, thus retaining important properties of spices like taste, flavour and colour.

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