S Your Project Put to the Test: At CMS, we have you try it on for Size
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Your Project Put to the Test: At CMS, we have you try it on for Size

Your Project Put to the Test: At CMS, we have you try it on for Size

In the processing industry, scarce economic resources, increasing competitiveness, and ever-changing regulatory requirements are some of the challenges companies face when bringing new products to market. This leaves no room for error on the processing line — for maximum ROI, production objectives must be met from day one. When there is a dry powder in the mix, CMS’s laboratory test facility can play an important role in helping you meet the challenge.

Our state-of-the-art lab facility houses our latest technology equipment and is staffed by technicians who are specialists at fine powder processing.  They will expertly grind 50-100 lb samples of your material to your target particle size, and return it so you can assess whether or not it meets process requirements. R & D is a dynamic process, and we will work with you until the exact grind size is achieved. We also invite you to bring a batch on over yourself to get a first-hand look at the process. Once the particle size is fine-tuned, our engineers will help determine the right formulation as well as size the system according to your capacity requirements. Running sample grinds guarantees that the equipment you purchase from CMS will operate flawlessly – from day one forward.

From grains and coffee, to powder paints and pigments, and minerals such as talc, limestone, and gypsum, the list of dry material we have tested in our lab is long. Each presents its own unique challenges, but our Air Swept System has met each and every one of them (although the key components of the system remain the same, we will customize the equipment to meet your specific materials and size requirements!). Interested in seeing how this system can effectively process your product? We encourage you send us a sample!