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The Different Types of Powder Processing Equipment

Powder processing equipment and systems are used for the manufacturing of powders and products in granular or agglomerated form. Commonly used in industries ranging from food to pharmaceutical, they are ideal for line production.


Some of the powder processing equipment and systems commonly used include the following:


Pneumatic Conveying system

A pneumatic conveying system uses an air stream to move dry bulk powders through horizontal or vertical pipelines in a powder processing system. Traditionally, pneumatic conveying systems include an air source, an infeed device, a conveying line, a receiver and dust filtration.

At Classifier Milling Systems, our engineers work with our clients to design pneumatic conveying systems that are efficient, sanitary, and tailored to the unique requirements of their application and the nature of powder being processed.


Mechanical Conveying

Mechanical conveying is a gentle, viable option for conveyance of bulk powder materials that may be difficult to convey pneumatically. Powders with high bulk density, sticky materials, or those with large particle size may require a custom designed mechanical conveying system.

The mechanical conveyance of powders is typically utilized in situations requiring less distance during the conveyance of the material. The mechanical conveyance of bulk powder can be achieved in many different ways. Working closely with our engineers, we’ll select the best conveying method to meet your process requirements.


Powder Sifting

Powder sifting, with various types of separating, sieving, classifying, scalping, de-lumping and screening can be provided in a system to separate bulk solid materials from powders. Through vibration, rotation, or gyration clumps, large particles and foreign materials can be removed from your product stream through a discharge spout, while sifted product continues on into the powder handling system. Batch or continuous operations are possible by utilizing gravity-fed and in-line pneumatic designs.

There various powder sifter designs to fit any application including centrifugal sifters, vibratory sifters, tumbler screens, and gyratory sifters. We optimize our designs for efficiency and maintenance of product quality across many types of powders and materials including process systems related to the dairy, food, pharmaceutical and nutritional products industries.


Have any questions about powder processing equipment? Contact CMS today for expert advice!

really professional services and consult, impressed with everything from the service to the installation
Posted by: George | April 9, 2018, 4:20 pm
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