Toll Processing with CMS Marietta: Expertise & Capacity when you need it

CMS, in partnership with Marietta Industrial Enterprises (CMS Marietta Industrial), offers a complete range of bulk and specialty materials contract milling/processing services from ore crushing to micronization from its Ohio River materials processing center in Marietta Ohio, offering inbound and outbound river terminal and trucking services, bulk container delivery, bulk bag, and paper packaging, and warehousing. Additionally, CMS Marietta provides a chain of custody logistics management from source to customer-directed destinations. CMS Marietta will White Label production and logistics on behalf of customers.    

CMS Marietta Industrial’s contract processing infrastructure includes the below mentioned:

Crushing / Screening

  • Jaw Crushers
  • Cone Crushers
  • Roll Crushers
  • Hammer Mills
  • Stationary Screeners
  • Mechanical Screeners
  • Riddles
  • Grizzlies

Fine & Micron Sizing

  • Air Classifier Mills
  • Pin Mills
  • Ball Mills
  • Rod Mills
  • Cage Mills
  • Vibratory and Mechanical Screeners


Direct and Indirect heated rotary kiln dryers capable of driving moisture off materials with as much as 60% water weight.  We have successfully dried materials as diverse as coal, coke, ferroalloys, aggregate, sand, and various minerals and ores


Our packaging capabilities include filling FIBCs, open-top or spout-top, small and multiwall bags, buckets, gaylords, Supersack/totes, and drums.

Transportation and Logistics

Truck fleet: van, dump, pneumatic, regular, and food-grade tankers, flatbeds. 

Stevedoring multiple intermodal river terminals with versatile commodity capabilities in prime locations along the Ohio River.

Benefit from the CMS Marietta Difference!

Our toll processing services ensure that your materials are safe and processed with the best-in-class machinery and by milling experts, and at the highest standards. From crushing and screening through to micronization, we will meet your materials specifications. If you are considering options for short or long-term processing capacity or to meet uneven seasonal swing production, CMS Marietta is a call you should make.

Toll Processing