An economical recovery of fine powders
  • Grinding & Classifying Mills & Systems available in 3 – 600HP
  • Customizable to 10 Microns
  • Turn-Key Plants from Start to Finish
  • Affordable Maintenance & Energy Efficient
  • Quick, Easy Clean Designs
  • Low grinding Temperature
  • Narrow Distribution
  • Laboratory Test Facility
  • Small to Large Scale Grinding Services

CMS is proud to engineer and custom manufacture milling systems for industries processing chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and minerals. 

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Performance, product consistency, safety and sustainability underpin CMS’s contributions to this specialized Industry. CMS respects and responds to the particular challenges facing chemical manufacturers. Deep technical expertise and a true understanding of the needs of this industry makes CMS the preferred provider for processing equipment.


Healthcare is a rapidly changing industry; that leaves pharmaceutical manufacturers scrambling to meet increased demands while meeting strict legislation. CMS’s hands-on knowledge of the industry enables them to create specialized equipment for a particular process solution.


In this intensely competitive sector, productivity, flexibility and value for the dollar are natural priorities. A flexible partner, CMS provides processing equipment that fully meets requirements.


CMS is an expert in processing a wide range of Minerals and Raw Materials. CMS is currently registering a number of patents for waste coal recovery techniques and dry-process sulfur production.

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